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Tmall China Cool intends to conquer Paris! (with interview)

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Outside of paris fashion week, tmall, an affiliate of alibaba, one of the largest chinese online commerce platforms in the world, presented at the first edition of tmall china cool, two chinese designers on the international scene. deciphering the projects of this e-commerce giant. interview with christina fontana:our job really in tmall and alibaba is to help bridge what’s happening in china. they have a really exciting fashion scene right now, it’s very creative and a lot of good designers are growing there but they need also our experience and our support so we’re happy to be that bridge between what’s happening in china and the great “maison”, experience and know-how that we have in europe. our company is a technology company, it’s a data company, so we are about giving designers and brands the tools that they need to reach chinese consumers and understand what they want. each designer, this is the beauty of fashion, then interprets that in the best way that they know how with their brand dna. chinese consumers represent 45% of luxury consumers worldwide according to alibaba and they buy in china and outside of china. so that’s what we’re here for. alibaba opened offices in europe four years ago to help brands learn about the power of marketing on the tmall platform. our platform is as much about marketing and telling your story as it is about selling something to a consumer. the consumer is only going to buy something when they know about the value of your brand and your product and we let them do that. there’s a lot of videos, tutorials, kols explaining what we do, showing the atelier in paris, about how things are made and the beauty, work and heritage that goes into each product. with the digital platform like alibaba, you can show these things directly to the consumer.what i love about the chinese consumers that we see on our platform, is that they have a really exciting sense of personal fashion and they are much more willing to explore and try new things, so they are always looking for something new. we see that a lot in young consumers, they want their own personal expression. we’re 700 million consumers on our platform but the question is finding the right fashion for the right person and that is what we do.