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The South African designer, Thebe Magugu, wins the 2019 LVMH prize (with interviews).

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The lvmh award ceremony took place at the louis vuitton foundationin paris with delphine arnault, the actress alicia vikander and the five artistic directors of the lvmh group. thebe magugu, who is the 2019 winner, comes from south africa and was both the youngest candidate this year and the first african designer to win this award.this ceremony also presents a second prize, the jury prize which is now called "the karl lagerfeld prize". this year it was awarded to hed mayner, an israeli designer of menswear who does his show in paris. the two winners were given a grant and one year of mentoring by the lvmh group.with interviews:thebe magugu:i told them that really my dream is to have a brand that has global appeal and implications but all still based in south africa. i really want to localise absolutely everything from weaving to manufacturing and just have a brand based there that’s exporting out.kris van assche:he is a young boy but he really has a good head on his shoulders. he defends his country and wants to make it known. he wants to change the vision that we, outside of the country, have of his country. he has a nice product too so it's a mix between a product and a very nice story.sidney toledano:it is a wonderful reflection and to see the maturity, even when they are very young like the winner who is 26 years old and lives in south africa so who is not in paris, not in new york and not in london. it’s true that he travels ... but i was going to say that even from the other side of the world, it is possible to understand what is happening in the rest of the world.hed mayner:this prize is going to help kind of direct and structure the brand i guess and to help professional advising on certain things and just to help. you know there is this creation aspect but there are so many different aspects so i hope to get support on those things.maria grazia chiuri:i think this prize is very important because we can support them not only because we give some money to support them but also because we can support them with knowledge to the system. for them it’s very important to have this relationship with a group that can give them this information and this support.music free to take : jell-o instrumental version by egozi artlist