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Valentino - Haute Couture autumn/winter 2019/20 show in Paris

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Designer: pierpaolo piccioliplace: hôtel salomon de rothschild in parisinspiration: the designer displays individuality as value to be promoted, beauty in all its forms and diversity as a source of wealth.collection: an haute couture wardrobe where colour is expressed with elegance, delight and style. it is expressed through spectacular, colour-block ensembles. wool fringes are found on the hem or the neckline of a dress, flowers come to life on loose dresses or long coats. some dresses took more than 800 hours to make by hand in the ateliers. the designer also wanted to thank his whole team by going out onto the runway, surrounded by his first ateliers et petits mains. each creation bears the name of the person who worked on it.to note: large wool caps, maxi earrings and lauren hutton on the runway in an emerald green outfit and an ivory coat, lined with lamé. show music (only use in the context of the show, covered by the right to information)