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Hermès : Spring/Summer 2020 Menswear Fashion Show in Paris (with interviews)

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Location: perret building in the courtyard of the mobilier national.artistic director: véronique nichanianinspiration: the hermès man steps into summer with a lightness.collection: a collection full of sweetness and relaxation. the designer works her palette of colours like a painter, associating them with dexterity and audacity. the silhouette is fluid, ample and comfortable, with elastic-waist trousers, pyjama bottoms and slouchy shirts. sportswear is elegantly and stylishly incorporated with a high-necked baseball top. the shirts are untucked and worn over each other.the leather is soft and with rib effects worked in. the graphic patterns are printed on fine knits. the silk scarf comes in shirt, pants and jacket styles. the suit is worn on the skin.note: the sandals, the kelly xxl bag and the banana bag.interviews:véronique nichanianit's a comfortable summer, very lightweight, with contrasts of lightness and then colour, i wanted a hermès man like that - happy, with a little craziness in the colours…bubble-gum and lagoon colours, to add a little lightness to life. and with the long pyjama pants that fall around the sandals, you see things that give an easy, summer feel, both in town and on vacation. because for me that is streetwear at hermès, streetwear with sublime materials, technical effects and everything, but always refined, light, showing us a casual-chic man but with a little pop. gaspard ullielit's very comfortable to wear, especially with the summer collections there is always something very fresh, very light, very up to date… and i think there is strength in the pureness and simplicity. so, it really spoke to me…and the last silhouettes, with the silk, printed jackets, i found them just divine.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, covered by the right to information).