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Dior's ball in Venice (with interviews)

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On the 11th may, dior celebrated their historical links with venice through a gorgeous masked ball at the palazzo labia alongside the venetian heritage foundation chaired by the architect peter marino. the guests arrived in vaporetto where they could attend a magical spectacle created by the artist, parolabianca featuring dancers dressed in sculptural dresses designed by the artist pietro ruffo and dior’s artistic director maria grazia chiuri. for this occasion, dior worked with venetian manufacturers and asked fortuny to decorate the tables with precious materials.interview with maria grazia chiuri:we are really proud because we are in palazzo labia that is so important for dior house because in 1951 mr. dior came here for the first time with his model but also with dali and i made the costume for this important ball that was the “ball of the century”.in some ways, we tried to work on this idea of heritage because it’s very close with dior. dior is a couture house and this case one idea was to make a collaboration with some house in venice that has a long heritage in craftsmanship.interview with monica bellucci: this magnificent evening reunites people from all over the world, and venice excellently represents magic.interview with tilda swinton:i’m so impressed, everybody has dug deep, everybody has thrown themselves at it and it feels, you know, the strange thing is, it doesn’t feel remotely decadent. it feels completely like resistance and it’s all in aid of venetian heritage which is this extraordinary organisation which is to do with the preservation of the culture of venice.interview with amira casar:it’s a juxtaposition between two cultures from two countries with dior expertise and the welcome from italy.interview with peter marino:we are small, we are quick and we restore the works that have remained here. it’s very very important because so much was taken away from venice in the 19th century, you know the palaces were stripped and it’s, what’s here needs to be preserved.interview with pietro ruffo:venice is not just a masked ball, it’s a magical inspiration. if you imagine walking down venetian streets at midnight when all the tourists have left, the venetian magic comes out and this was our inspiration for the ball especially the marvellous tiepolo murals on the walls.