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Louis Vuitton - Women's Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Show in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: nicolas ghesquière inspiration: when the pompidou centre moves to the louvre. the idea of the décor was to recreate the famous front window of the beaubourg, with its colourful pipes and even its famous air vents, all whilst placing the audience in front, as if we were in the plaza facing the museum, where onlookers, tourists and young people gather together. the designer wanted to recreate this mix of cultures and styles in his latest show.collection: the silhouette is young, dynamic and daring. ghesquière’s strength is taking inspiration from various decades and projecting them into the future.short flowing skirts and dresses are printed with flowers, graphic shapes and even sequins and are worn with lace-up boots or creepers with thick soles. whether structured, frilled or with many layers it’s always a question of shoulders. multiple propositions of jackets, short ones, very 80s with rounded sleeves, in leather or with buttoned and zipped details as well as grey blazers and a quilted floral coat adorned with sequins.the yellow and black checked leather skirt is reminiscent of the hip-hop years as well as the colours used on more sporty pieces such as the sweater dress.note: silver sequins for every time of day+ the long mono-buckle that can be worn as an accessory in its own right+ the propositions of bags, in the basic monogram and in all shapes.interview with léa seydoux:the show was incredible, it was great as always. i'm always impressed and surprised with nicolas’ talent and creativity.i loved the jacket with sequins on the front and the puffed sleeves, it was very original.interview with laura harrier:i thought it was incredible, i mean nicolas does it again! it was just, it was so beautiful, i loved the dresses, i loved the ones with the leather straps and all the sparkles and the sequins, it was beautiful. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).