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Amédée 1851, new luxury accessories made from merino wool!

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Amédée 1851’s first accessory collection pays tribute to the company and its founder amédée prouvost, specializing in the woolen industry in the north of france in 1851. scarves, foulards, shawls and wraps are woven using merino wool produced in tasmania and patagonia, celebrating the idea of journeys and escapism through around 30 different models in various colours and original patterns.interview with déborah berger:the logo is an ocean liner, the prow of a chargeurs réunis liner styled in an art deco way. so, there is in fact chargeurs heritage alongside the chargeurs réunis company, cruise heritage and the prouvost heritage as well as amédée prouvost’s combing in the style of art deco which was emblematic in the 20s so it is inspired by the esthetic of those years.when we work with our producers and we have asked them to make, for example, a printed square using merino wool they tell us they have never done that before. therefore, we have to really test and work on prototypes as the printing technique on luxury scarves has not been done on merino wool, it has been done on cashmere and on silk, but no one has done this on merino wool before. why? because merino wool is not considered as a luxury material, which is wrong as merino wool is super fine and more expensive and luxurious than other types of cashmere.eco-responsibility is in the brand’s dna, and today, eco-responsibility refers to a transparent supply chain which implies clean and responsible production methods so therefore this implies investments and costs. we wanted the demand of the fiber and the origin of the material to be transferred to the rest of the production chain using true and committed artisans. we have therefore tried to show you how, we can create completely different finishes using only one fiber, merino wool, that is woven, treated and knitted in different ways.