Event: Intimissimi celebrating the female body and dance with Marie-Agnès Gillot

In honoring ‘the woman’, Intimissimi opens the doors of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris for an exceptional event between art and dance with for the grand finale: a performance by dancer Marie Agnès Gillot, the new French ambassador for the lingerie brand who echoes Degas’ ballerinas. Interview with Sandro Veronesi:The idea of this event is to bring our brand Intimissimi to a place where it can be valued in art and the beauty of dance. With Intimissimi, we try to make something which allows for body comfort and the wellbeing of the woman. The dancer who took off all the Intimissimi clothes had 10 pieces on her. The particularity of lingerie is being directly in contact with the skin so we try to combine aesthetic and comfort for lingerie that accompanies a woman all day long. We try to have different women who bring their different values. So not only beautiful women, that’s important of course, but also the women who have done something with their lives and who symbolize a certain idea of success. We try to communicate differently, not only around classic publicity but in creating links with the art domain. We try to bring something new. Music from the show (under cover of the right to information)

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