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Fashion Week: Between Lisbon and Porto, Portuguese fashion takes off!

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The 41st edition of portugal’s fashion week now consists of 33 shows over four days shared between lisbon and porto. portuguese fashion is becoming increasingly recognised not only for the country’s textile savoir-faire or its shoes industry, but for its freshness and diversity which today makes a real trademark, with names which are continuing to establish themselves and the emergence of a new generation of designers. it all kicks off with day one in lisbon, and the presentation of a historic duo: alves gonçalve. note the work on textures with crinkled fabrics, pleats, satin and tie-dye motifs. another big name, carlos gil, comes to lisbon after having previously shown in milan. he’s the official designer for the first lady of portugal. his collection is prone to fluidity, softness and accessories which wrap themselves around the waist and neck. pedro pedro, values the use of technical materials, based around nylon with a play on contrasting colours and clothes with many pockets. then heading to porto, for three days of presentations and designers to remember:beatriz bettencourt looks to the latest trends, the inscriptions on clothes and a refined style with corsets and knotted waists that envelop the silhouette. sara maia, 28 year old designer, injects a military feel onto sport with a completely nylon look and daring cuts on the tops. david catalan, men’s fashion designer, plays the card of lightness and functionality with hemstitched t-shirts, jackets with pockets and slit trousers. alexandra moura is equally interested in the functionality of clothes the silhouettes again have many pockets connected with knotted links.pé de chumbo emphasizes the importance of the materials, right down to the seeing the thread, the essence… and the transparency. luis buchinho, concentrates on the cut, with cut up dresses, frilled, with pleats and futuristic gladiator sandals.estelita mendoca, sent models down the catwalk with completely covered heads and belts wrapped around the body for a unisex wardrobe, without forgetting the fashion detail: the key around the neck. we end with susana bettencourt, who imposes her visual aesthetic with graphic motifs on mesh illustrating airport runways! portuguese fashion has certainly taken off. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017