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Interview with Sidney Toledano- President of Christian Dior Couture

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Backstage at the latest dior collection, sidney toledano, president of christian dior couture, reflects on a rich year for dior events and the new creative strategie of the house. interview with sidney toledano:it’s a rich year because we started with haut couture in january, the cruise shows in california, an exhibition at the musée des arts décoratifs which was met with success beyond what we had ever imagined, so then couture, and the jewelry, with wonderful creations, a good energy in the company and i think good results. dior, it seems that we’re 70 years old, and it’s true that when we look at all the past years with all these designer, there was a sort of common thread that we see through the exhibition, through the haute couture and they all bring their perspectives. it’s a brand that permanently lives in creativity, with its codes, its values, but with a need for innovation at every moment. and that’s why when asked if we address the youth today, we don’t address anyone, we must permanently stay young. and that’s by creation and all respecting the values of quality and excellence. she’s interested in young people with a vision of a woman who has children who are millennials as we say today, but with respect of this femininity, it’s feminine feminism, it means that as a fashion designer, she thinks about that, she thinks about seduction, she thinks about fluidity, she think about this woman, about her walk, how she walks, i’d say that she has a desire for messages that aren’t subliminal, they’re there, written and that could be through colours, drawings, embroidery, not just text. there is real creativity and then next there is work with the workshops who will translate that, which is an interesting artist so the painter does it himself, in a house of fashion and haut couture, it’s modelers and prototypes who are going to interpret, pass on their passion with exchanges of looks, there’s no written instruction that says you must do this or that. her vision is strong, she’s passed it on very quickly to her studios, she works with people but like a great director, so we see everywhere, she surveys everything, but if her vision is clear, the cameramen, the lighting men, they are going to quickly understand, but sometimes it’s an important demand for effort and i recognize the talent of everyone but the director has to have a vision, speed and an availability. musique du défilé (n'utiliser que dans le contexte du défilé, sous couvert du droit à l'information)