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Christian Dior - Women's Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director : maria grazia chiuriambiance : a space erected in the gardens of the rodin museum, the blue night color floods the catwalk.collection : maria grazia chiuri reinterprets the codes of the dior house with modernity. a wardrobe inspired by mr dior’s “chevrier haute couture 1949 » collection, with a series of jackets, capes, with hoods, dresses and skirts. an ultra-light silhouette with transparencies and couture materials but used in a more transgressive, urban and young way.focus : on the word dior stamped on the clothes (the bottom of a jacket, on the skirt suspenders)+the tulle dresses embroidered with constellations +the chevron motifs for the coats, and enveloping jackets +the workwear spirit with ample jeans, blouses and acid wash shirts, a trouser jumpsuit.to note : the beret on the models’ heads and the many logo bags on the hands.interviews :maria grazia chiuri i found the sentence about mr. dior saying that blue is the colour that has the same quality of black, for me i’m from the black generation and so i say oh that’s a good point for the new collectionthe blue is very close with the idea of the uniform but there is many different types of uniform, military worker, gym and denim is the best uniform, so i decided to mix this element between the heritage and the contemporary to create something that the new generation might like. sidney toledano :it is doing well there since we started on the summer season which is currently in store for a few days, we are seeing very good reactions.she brings a lot of poetry, a lot of femininity, she says it herself, and she repeats it, about mr dior who brought this femininity in the 50s, which didn’t stop, which has been developed at dior with all the designers. in keeping with the times, what women are today, what they want, what they ask for, she interprets it with a lot of femininity, it is feminine feminist, but it is in any case exactly what she feels and expresses in her clothesalicia keys:dior for me, classic, chic, timeless, cool, for me, dior ana girardot :it’s a house which has been created by a man who enormously liked women, and today we have a designer who herself like to give women their voice and who represents the house very, very well. olivia palermo:classic elegant, sophisticated, makes a woman feel strong, and i think maria is the perfect woman to design for dior and she definitely makes a woman feel amazing in her clothes. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)