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Christian Dior - Haute Couture collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Location : the rodin museum, a structure erected in the gardens and a labyrinth for the set entirely covered with plantsdesigner : maria grazia chiuricollection : first haute couture collection for maria grazia chiuri for the dior house, after her arrival as the head of artistic direction in september, she brings her touch of femininity to this dior haute couture, appropriate for a fairy talea year of celebration for the dior house which celebrated its 70 years of creationfocus on : a collection imprinted with femininity and grace with tulle dresses embroidered of flowers and stars. the tarot symbols are painted by hand on a section of the dressesthe bar suit is revisited and transforms into a cape, the ample pleated culotte skirts are the new reinterpreted suits. the evening gowns in changing colours evoking life and the seasons… to note : a fairy tale atmosphere prevails in this secret garden with young girls wearing masks and graceful head accessories.interviews with maria grazia chiuri, sidney toledano, kristen dunst, diane kruger, chiara mastroianni, chiara ferragni. interviews :chiara mastroainnithat makes a lot of new things: 70 years old, a woman, maria grazia, i ‘m very happy and very excited to discover her first haute couture collectionsidney toledano so today, this haute couture collection, which is maria grazia’s first, she is the first woman in the history of dior, and it comes at the right moment, it comes at the moment when it was necessary to give this dream and this femininity again.diane kruger i love her very feminine side, and at the same time keeping the sexy side of a strong and free woman.maria grazia chiuri i start with the atelier to speak about my point of view about couture, i think we have to maintain this dream idea of couture but at the same time i don’t want to lose the wearable idea, because i think in any case like in my italian tradition, couture is a service it’s one of a kind, we have a couture audience, we have couture clients, so it’s important to give a dream but a real dream, in some way for every daykristen dunst hit the history and the silhouette is undeniable, not like any other and i just feel very honoured to be here for maria grazia’s first show chiara ferragni dior is like feminism and beautiful shapes and really feeling yourself, the best version of yourself. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)