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Missoni- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with interview)

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Graphics, bright colour combinations, lightness and transparency define the new missoni summer collection. the knitwear embraces the body through the polo striped dresses or baggily covers it with the loose trousers and its tunic. long jackets lengthen the silhouette. the collars of some tops reminisce on necklaces of maasai tribes. a dress pleated in mesh looks as if it’s hanging from the body. colourful paint strokes decorate an asymmetric skirt and the black and white graphics complement this painter’s palette. an urban and modern look; intensified by wearing converse by missoni and a dash of vibrant colour on the nomad’s eyelids.interview from angela missoni:i went back to the roots, the roots of missoni, the roots of life, the roots of africa. you can see it through my colour inspirations. immediately you can recognize the colours in these photos through the colours of the clothes they are wearing. they’re dark browns with touches of fuchsia, some red or white or there’s also a group of them who wear browns, or blacks, but with yellow and blue. and there is another side too; this sporty african side which is shown through stripes and also in printed patterns. you can see massai necklaces that transform into collars, dresses and clothes and all the patterns that are done on their bodies, the white and black, which are in fact zigzags, are seen everywhere. look at these necklaces.so it was a play on inspirations, true inspirations that have been and are coming back. i would like to say that the silhouettes are very free, we have large trousers but also we have skinny trousers, we really have got varied silhouettes, just like how we all like to get dressed in different ways, in life.music of the show