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Iceberg - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

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The iceberg girl asserts herself, with more femininity. alexis martial imposes a new silhouette with a highlighted waist by a belt and a skirt which skims the knee. the colours and graphic designs are inspired by the memphis movement. a contemporary vision for a functional wardrobe. the cable knits, and sheepskin bring a sensation of warmth and comfort. the sport influence is never too far away, through the parkas and coats zipped up to the high collars, where the trousers are tapered on the leg. the young designer doesn’t deny a future departure from iceberg (and a possible arrival at carven?). if this is confirmed, his creative talent will be missed at this label which he has succeeded to bring a new modernity! to note: the clogs with platform soles. interview: alexis martial: the idea of this collection was a travelling pilot in the 70s. the idea of that was to keep this freshness, this girl is fresh, but is given something quite strong and a little twisted. and i wanted to this girl to grow up and to become more and more elegant, but whilst still always having a side that’s a little bit twisted.in this idea of the pilot, there is also the story of the plane. i’m always fascinated by all the stripes which are on the planes and actually, each time i go to the airport, i see these stripes and i always think there is this very sporty side, and i thought that this could be something interesting to work with. and i worked with it in a certain way and by working i realised that there was a link with memphis, and memphis is something i’m passionate about, that is linked to the brand and i did a part where i was inspired by memphis and the planes to work on the graphic designs, on the stripes but also on the colours. musique du défilé