A party with Alexander Wang x H&M in New York

It’s been 10 years that H&M has collaborated with the biggest names in fashion. 10 years that have been marked by capsule collections that sell out within minutes of their release.And fittingly for this tenth year, H&M invites an American for the first time, the designer, Alexander Wang, who is also today, the artistic director at Balenciaga.For the launch of this collection in stores this 6th November, a multitude of celebrities came to the party organised in New York to not miss the spectacular fashion show and Missy Elliot concert. Interviews: Margareta van den Bosch: It means that they have been successful I think this kind of idea that we had people still like it and are still queuing for it.Alexander Wang: To be part of the H&M family and to work on this project with them was so exciting but also at the same time we really felt that we wanted to approach it differently; the idea of active wear, and performance wear has always been something that I’ve always been close to me and my inspiration process, and I knew that I wanted this collection to be something that would really be exciting for everyone.Jessica Chastain: I love Alexander, I love how he takes street clothes and makes them really urban fashion. I’m hearing rumours of using sports and performance clothes and creating a whole new urban wardrobe.Dakota Fanning: I’m such a fan of Alexander and I wear so many of his pieces from his own collection in my everyday life, so I’m very excited to celebrate the collaboration and wear it.Kate Mara: H&M is such an easy place to go shopping too so I love that they’re working with him, so that more of the general public can go and buy his designs.Music from the show.

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