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Iceberg- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan (with interview)

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Summer, summer, summer is the word to describe the collection at iceberg designed by alexis martial. with the heat of california as the influence for the collection the silhouette featured a highlighted waist on the suits and trousers that hugged the body. nothing is left to chance, the designer worked on the construction of the clothes, as well as the prints and colours. stickers - the new futuristic embroidery covered the short dresses at the end of the show. fuchsia, orange, black and white as well as numerous fruity and abstract graphic motifs really brought a certain energy to the urban and feminine collection, and like always at iceberg there was a sporty dimension as well. alexis martial :i’m a fan of images, therefore that’s always the starting point and each season i have five images to start from, that gives me the inspiration and then i work from that. afterwards i work on “the look” as a whole. working with the woman’s body, directly draping the fabrics, putting the volume in place, making the fabric, reconstructing it and deconstructing. the plan for the volume comes next, but first of all, it starts with an image.with this story in place one is left with part of a childish dream. and so, there is a spirit with stickers, travelling, as well as video games, because we printed “iceberg” in a font used in video games. above all this feeling of travelling and the californian spirit…there were lots of stickers of fruit and we exploded fruits to make the prints.everything was a bit shiny, there was glitter in fact not glitter but rather the thickness with the new prints with different materials. it was really a new kind of work with new ways of printing which finally brought something a little more couture like to the collection. the thing that i really like is that here i can work with the ready to wear line and i like to bring a twist by bringing something explosive with a bit of a difference. music from the show.