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Raf Simons - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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At the end of the first day of paris fashion week, raf simons invites everyone to vendome square, in the old safe deposit room, to present his own menswear line. guests stand, a red light shines, models strut from every side between iron bars and crumbled wall paneling: the tone is set right from the beginning of the show. it gives the impression of a wasteland of artists, undoubtedly planned down to the last detail by the designer. opposed to this very refined staging, the models reflect a new elegance dressed in their outfits with five button double breasted jackets and navy collars like capes at the back, upon which appear photos and collages. these images from his personal memories resound in themes, up to just before the pocket or on the edge of the shirts, with a badge of the initials ‘rf.’ the vests are either leather or wool, and are worn beneath a t-shirt with printed flowers. the floral theme is even seen in his sequin version. the stan smiths that raf simons dreamed up or the trainers with large flashing soles are also worth mentioning. this is an arty and rich collection, filled with detail that many designers present in the room, from christopher kane to simon porte, look at in amazement. interviews:jean-jacques picart:there are two ways of getting to grips with men’s fashion, or you can learn about it through the masculine wardrobe. there are certain designers who really succeed in creating a contemporary wardrobe, that is very accessible and easy-to-wear with a little fashion twist, or you can address it with a more artistic, sensitive, emotional approach, as a way of expression and in this case, the wardrobe takes you back to the showroom, edited by design teams in a more accessible manner and the show is like a pure artistic expression that relates to film, opera, books or painting, and raf fits into this second category, but as a raf simons client, i can tell you that there are very wearable pieces in this collection.simon porte:for me, raf simons has always been a bit of an icon. i grew up watching the menswear shows that he did and being here tonight for me as a designer, it was a question of being open-minded. i love going to fashion shows; everyone says to me that they are so strange but i tell them no, on the contrary, a designer has to do that, to read and also to look on tumblr but this also works in the show because it can open your eyes and what i particularly liked about the show tonight was the display and the setting, which altered the codes slightly as there are very few shows that do it this way. i liked it a lot. i liked that it didn’t just look like a show but it was also a reflection of real people.music from the show