Iceberg - Men Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Milan (with interview)

At Iceberg, freedom is the key word of the collection, which is easy-to-wear, relaxed and at one with nature. Floral tie-dye prints dominate on hooded jackets and various other sweaters. Wearing combat boots, his pack on his back and trousers tucked-into his shoes, the Iceberg male transforms into an explorer. This easiness is also translated onto high-waisted dart trousers or a white shirt whose layered sleeves bring an extra twist or jogger-style pants, elasticised at the waist. Knitwear is present across long jumpers or on a more graphic look that emphasises colour. As for the materials, these are light and luminous. Take a silk shirt, a little cap, layer a tee and a shirt and you have a resolutely summery silhouette; and even if the graphic palette is mostly dominated by ochre, beiges and browns, it is illuminated here and there by splashes of azure blue, orange and fuchsia. Interview:Federico Curradi:Music from the show

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