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Thakoon Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in New York (with itw)

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At thakoon, it is always about colour and flowers. initially dotted on a skirt or the back of a dress, they end up dominating the shoulders and hood of a quilted jacket. across the atlantic, enveloping overcoats are simply labeled ‘duvet coats’, describing perfectly the cocooning style and emphasis on comfort desired by designer thakoon for next winter which can be found on jumper-scarves which also appear on a jacket and a gown. he incorporates new elements of masculinity with beautifully-cut trouser suits, never forgetting his emblematic sensuality and delicacy, notably on tweed and silk dresses. the definition of modern romanticism…interview:thakoon panichgul :it started with a sai twum-lee sculpture that i had seen and it is not titled and it was so unlike the rest of his body of work and basically with paper-towels almost he sculpted these little abstract flowers and they were all in these different colours, pink, fuchsia, red, green and blue and it was just so beautiful.i was studying a bit of patagonia and when you look at the landscape there and the colours there, they are quite saturated too so that is what i wanted to convey.for the duvet coats, one of them was like taking an anorak, almost a nylon puffa but then embroidering this sheen effect onto it as well so mixing that sort of sheen beauty with something that is more technical.i was really interested in putting a lot of knit textures into the collection and so the scarf is a one-sleeved thing that you can put on and wear and sometimes you get hot and you get cold, it is one of those things that you can really play with, you can wrap it around your shoulders or around your neck.music from the fashion show