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Barbara Bui Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

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Denim plays a central role in the spring/summer 2014 collection from barbara bui. the designer successfully uses this well-worn yet timeless material by creating modern and delicate silhouettes. the fabric is lacerated, re-embroidered, embellished and dyed on outfits of cropped jackets and shorts or high-waisted trousers, worn with crop top or a jacket with flared sleeves, with the occasional use of gorgeous black leather. the result is feminine and appears very urban. flat, masculine shoes bring a certain comfort and a new, willowy look. interview: barbara bui : the collection has a denim base, a material that i think is at the same time modern, timeless and authentic and so i wanted to create something that was almost couture and very luxurious with this timeless material and i created something with extra volume, a work that transforms the material and embroidery work also which mixes this rich and at the same time this damaged side of the fabric. there are lots of voluminous jackets, not disproportionate but quite round and enveloping, and some short things too which make the legs look long but worn with masculine, flat shoes so there is a relaxed feeling. music from the show