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Diane Von Furstenberg Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

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The women who has been nicknamed the queen of fashion week, the president of cfda, came on at the end of her show waving and dancing, proving once again that positive energy can bring a new look to a catwalk and clothes. for her spring-summer 2014 collection whose theme is ‘restored oasis’ fluidity and lightness are highly appropriate. the combination remains perfect for the summer season, the dresses pervading a faraway landscape. her famous portfolio of dresses varies even the shape which becomes more flared. finally, elegance simply dusted with an exquisite sophistication, which diane von furstenberg has mastered. diane von furstenberg : i named this collection ‘oasis’ because there is this idea that the world is so busy and so dull with so much suffering so i wanted to create an oasis, an oasis of peace, harmony, beauty, colour and serenity. there is one flared look, my wrap-dress, and now that it is flared, i have put (a hint of) a petticoats beneath, so we have a slight flared shape otherwise the other look is a straight shape with tunic dresses that can be worn with trousers or without. then we have the chiffon which is very suave and loose but with a folding pattern that is quite interesting. the shoes are very heavy: the idea was to have footwear/shoes that kept you on the ground. the bags are beautiful; for me, a bag is like a piece of home, a bag is like a friend that one should be able to lean on and sleep on for example on a plane. music from the fashion show