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Barbara Bui Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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In the gilded salons of the westin hotel in paris, barbara bui brings a touch of rock and pep to a feminine wardrobe. small flared trousers, jackets cut to a point, shouldered, with one button, shirts with inserts of lace, the silhouette is sharp. artfully, the coat is worn in its classic version or as a cape with an opening at the sleeves. a play on slits on close-fitting dresses, a top in chiffon and lace with a train effect : barbara bui mixes masculinity with femininity. neoprene brings a futuristic touch to tops or mini-dresses worn with thigh-high boots. the ubiquitous black is illuminated with metallic touches with ensembles embroidered in brass sequins. cowboy boots accentuate this boyish look and big jackets in mongolian fur warm up transparent outfits in chiffon and black guipure lace. music from fashion show interview barbara bui : the fluid side has a slightly portobello and swinging london feel and the constructed side is to emphasize this boyish attitude but with much more refinement and a lot of work on an outfit and a certain rigor. all the jackets have a rather specific work on volume, there's work on a sleeve that fits inside the shoulder of a sharp jacket, but there are also jackets that have cape effects on the back, so there's a fairly constructed and sharp side, but at the same time they can be completely contradicted by the usage of lace that brings this sudden fluidity, and a suppleness which is also contradicted by coats that have almost a wild side, with mongolian raw wool, and a work on strands of embroidery and leather fringes, giving an almost barbaric feel. there are trousers that are similar to flared trousers, but they're actually shortened and worn with masculine boots, there's a side that's much more chic and less vintage, it's a new proportion of trousers.