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In the lair of G-Star - a visit to the heart of the ateliers in Amsterdam

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Pleasant and nicknamed the city of bikes, amsterdam is also recognized for its creativity and successful businesses. an example with g-star, founded in 1989, becoming a world-renowned specialist of jeans ... today the house has 1,400 employees and operates in 350 stores in the world. its' success : reviving the raw denim while constantly offering innovative collections. exclusive meet in g-star's offices and ateliers with remco de nijs, stylist at the house for 15 years. elwood, dexter, new radar, raw essential 3301, without forgetting the collection by marc newson : g-star multiplies models while the designers led by pierre morisset continue to innovate by working on the cuts, the 3d and seamless while seeking to propose 1 jean for each silhouette. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview : remco de nijs : this is our atelier, it always starts here, it starts here with pierre, so pierre has an idea, he draws it, and then he comes here and he asks the tailors `is this possible'? and at the beginning they say, `ah i don't know', `i've never thought about it', `how are we going to do that?' and then slowly by making prototypes and it fitting it on models, in the end its happening, and that's the most beautiful thing i think, these are the masterpieces, this is the jacket that i'm wearing, and this one for a celebrity he picked out this fabric, so we're going to make a special item for him, for me it's always blue heaven because there are so many things happening, nice things, with the celebrities and special requests and the objects, this is always a very creative area with only unique objects, so it's very nice. when pierre morisset was presenting the pant we thought `this is such a crazy pant', and the story that he had was so beautiful that he knew that the biker arrived and he saw the biker stepping off his bike and then the whole pant was shaped, you know, he saw his knees in it and he thought, i have to translate it into a jeans, and then i can remember very well, the first proto that we saw, we thought this pant is unsellable, but he had such a strong belief in the pant so we made samples out of it; we showed it to the clients and they thought this is crazy, these aren't jeans, but slowly people started to understand it and also started wearing it, and it was also very comfortable and the look was totally different, because we were educated by a 5 pocket jeans market, so this was a complete revolution, especially because we combine it with raw denim, and that altogether gave it such a boost, so at the end it was one of our most and still is our most successful pant. an interesting thing also, with silhouettes is that if you love a certain kind of silhouette, you know he is standing in the mirror, then everything that you have in your wardrobe is not interesting anymore because you're so in love with that look, so that's why we're so focused on silhouettes because it creates something, it helps you, it gives you a new look, it gives you another feeling, so for us very, very important, but it always has to be functional and comfortable.