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Leonard Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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After the brief appearance of maxime simoëns, the house of leonard tried to find a new energy with raffaele borriello, formerly at gucci, yves saint laurent and also the brand founder of requiem. the designer is inspired by pictures of slim aarons who photographed the jet-set in the 60s -70s. women are languid and charming, they wear tight micro -dresses in jersey silk or long low cut gowns in organza. prints, including the famous "bamboo" print dating back to 1973, are alive and are associated with black or contrastingly become blurred and pastels. a rather successful gamble for a first collection that is summery and sexy. music from fashion show interview raffaelle borriello : i looked at a lot of photos by slim aarons; the photographer of the 60s and 70s, who took a lot of pictures of the `jet set', acapulco, swimming pools, capri. they all inspired me tremendously. mr tribouillard goes on holiday nearly every year to sardinia, he tells me about the women he saw, it's a really fascinating world. it's a glamorous world, where the prints and the beautiful materials have their own place and it's a woman who has a lot of character, power, and who is not afraid. when we have prints that are quite important and also present, we have fun compressing them in extremely graphic and short forms. it's an exercise that i did during this season, because i really wanted to just see the prints, and that after the body disappears. or it is very highlighted because it is worn by girls who are simple without hairstyles, and are simple enough, because what we really wanted, was to show was the strength of these designs. bamboo print which makes up the majority of the collection, is a print from the 1973, so it's an archive that we haven't touched. today it is exactly the same as it was, we just mixed a black jersey with it to give it structure.