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Barbara Bui - Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (ITW)

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Sexy and urban style, for a girl at ease in her high heels. barbara bui excels in this ultra wearable and cotemporary wardrobe. for summer, the designer focuses on the suit jacket and a masculine-feminine spirit. here too (big trend this season), she confronts the lightness of a simple bustier dress in chiffon to a silhouette more structured in leather. transparencies are also present for even more sensuality. a sober colour palette made of white, black, beige and with the appearance of a native american pattern at the end of the show, bringing fantasy and exoticism to a jacket or a tunic. music from fashion show interview barbara bui : there was a lot of work on tailoring, meaning all the masculine tailoring was at the same time compared to almost the opposite of an incised silhouette; very feminine, with simple tube dresses, or dresses in chiffon, very light. i really wanted to work on the trousers, to show the legs, but at the same time there is a work on the silhouette that i love which is very simple. it was the nude organza silhouettes, with just the little masculine trousers. it was also the ability to express strength throughout, such simplicity does not equal minimalism because the collection it not austere, it's quite the opposite, it's a very sensual collection. there was detailed work on the silhouette which highlights the shoulders and also the fineness of the legs. there was also a range of simple colours, black, beige, white, navy blue, and at the same time an explosion of colour from an ethnic inspiration from: south america, gauchos, and also a tribute to the amazon. a work while fresh, with embroideries like a little biker jacket at the end.