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Diane Von Furstenberg Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

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The life of diane von furstenberg never ceases to inspire yvan mispelaere and more particularly the many journeys between rome, paris and jaipur but also the 60s. reflections of a carefree golden youth. resulting in a style that is festive, exotic, graphic, colourful and creative, composed of tunics combined with trousers and solid colours for short dresses, items inspired by oriental architecture structuring the feminine silhouette. music from the fashion show yvan mispelaere- i've been told a bit about the time she met egon in the 60s, this time a little carefree of gilded youth between rome and marrakech and with eyes a little bit on india and all the psychedelic side that was trying to pass. it was exciting, it sort of gave us the name of the collection which we call `palazo.' which was vague and broad enough to think of rome and marrakech. or jaipur, in the palace years in paris, there is a little bit of glamour there, there are few `sparkling' pieces in the collection. there are references to oriental architects in general to the openings of colons, portals, which are treated very stylized, very graphic and it functions a bit by framing the body. the colors are spicy, there are strong colors, there is a pallet which at times dares to accentuate earth colors, there are quite a lot of earth colours, terra cotta, brick, blush, and cumin which are slightly oriental tones. diane von furstenberg : there is still the rebel side, even if there are several pieces, there is a dress, skirt, trousers, and shoes etc. we know that we can undo the pieces and each piece is special and unique.